Sister Dolores was born on April 17, 1928 in San Francisco, California and entered the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Family on July 2, 1951. She ministered as a religious educator in parishes throughout California. Under the auspices of the Latin American Mission Program, she also served in Baja California as a catechist.

In 1975, “Mama Dee” as she was affectionately known, became a pastoral associate and the director of social concerns at St. Rose of Lima Parish. Her ministry to the poor became well known in Chula Vista, Tecate, Mexicali, and Tijuana where she coordinated a variety of programs. She also founded a community food pantry at St. Rose of Lima that continues to provide food to hundreds of families each year.

Her love for children was remarkable. “Mama Dee” believed the way to a child’s head was through the stomach. Consequently, many of her efforts were aimed at providing food to struggling families with children. Several orphanages in Baja California also benefited from her work. Visiting families in the poorest colonias, and offering food, clothing, medicines, blankets, and other household items was one of her greatest passions.

Sister Dolores developed a tremendous relationship with the St. Rose of Lima community and beyond. She had a remarkably dedicated and enthusiastic cadre of volunteers and benefactors that supported her mission to serve the poor. From collecting day old bread, driving trucks to the Food Bank, and painting dormitories at the orphanage, Mama Dee’s team touched so many lives.

Following her death in 2001, St. Rose of Lima parish established the Sister Dolores Social Outreach Program, in honor of her love and dedication to the poor. Her life continues to be an inspiration to the volunteers and patrons who strive to keep her efforts alive. Nearly 300 people a month receive food, clothing, shelter, and other services from the outreach program. The generous donation of time, talent, and treasure by so many of our parishioners and friends make this possible.