Planning Your Wedding

This page is designed to assist you in your wedding service plans. As you consider your options, please keep in mind that noble simplicity should be the order of the day.

There are certain parts of the ceremony that are essential for a wedding in the Catholic church (Prayers from the Rite of Marriage, readings from Scripture, exchange of consent and vows, prayers of the faithful, and the nuptial blessing). Other parts (exchange of rings, veil and cord, flowers to Mary, etc) are not essential but may be included if desired.

It is always best to speak with the clergy person of your wedding prior to solidifying your wedding ceremony plans. For information on what is and is not acceptable for a wedding ceremony at St. Rose of Lima, Click Here

Not all marriages in the Catholic church are alike. For example, if one of you is Catholic, while the other is from a non-Catholic tradition, the Eucharist (Mass) should not be celebrated in order to avoid confusion about who may come to share Holy Communion. The following are a list of wedding ritual possibilities depending on your cicumstances. Visit the link that fits your circumstance:

Catholic bride and Catholic groom

Catholic bride/groom
& non-Christian bride/groom

Catholic bride/groom
Christian groom/bride
of another denomination