About St. Rose of Lima Parish

About Us

"As religious educators, we see the immense importance of being a knowledgeable Christian in today's world. We strongly believe that we are not entirely educating for the present, but with the future in mind. It is our hope that all our students will come to an understanding and insight of their own personal worth, dignity, value and sacredness, within the framework of being called to a continuous and ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ."

Office Hours

Monday - Wednesday (9am-5pm); Saturday (9:00am - 12:00pm)

Sacramental Preparations

"Saint Rose of Lima provides sacramental preparation programs for Eucharist, Reconciliation, and High School Confirmation that are parish based. This is an opportunity for both the student and family to renew and deepen their understanding of these primary Sacraments. Parents play a very important role and should provide follow-up from the class session. Parent packs are sent home, providing the opportunity for dialog and interaction with your child during this most important time of preparations. PARENTS MUST ATTEND ALL SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION MEETINGS." If you wish to register, please visit our office. Thank you.


Sister Patricia Weldon,OSF (Director of Religious Education)

Office Staff: Josephine Advento & Jackie Carmona

(619) 426-6717