Filipino-American Association of St. Rose of Lima

Filipino-American Association of St Rose of Lima (FASRL) is a non-profit Catholic organization designed to support the church and the diocese under the spiritual leadership of the Pastor of St Rose of Lima parish.

FASRL’s goals are to bring together Filipino-American parishioners, and maintain and advance the Filipino Catholic heritage

To achieve these goals, FASRL fosters friendship and camaraderie among its members and the parish community, as well as sponsoring Filipino traditional activities.

FASRL promotes sharing the Gospel through community service, prayers and involvement in fun and active social activities.

FASRL meets every third Friday of every month.

FASRL can be reached at (619) 632-2722 or email at:



President: Nita H. Largoza
Vice President: Loli Tamayo
Secretary: Tess Abella
Treasurer: Nancy Wilson
PRO: Lani Devera
Board of Directors:
- Pit Bautista
- Lerma Alejandro
- Cecil Redondo



Our Lady of Fatima Block Rosary FASRL encourages parishioners to participate in daily recitation of the rosary, especially in the month of May. Each night throughout the month of May, a volunteer family hosts the Our Lady of Fatima novena and rosary at their home.
A culmination Mass, including the crowning of Virgin Mary, and feast is celebrated at the end of the month.

San Lorenzo Ruiz Novena
San Lorenzo Ruiz is the first Filipino martyr and Saint. The novena lasts for 8 consecutive days in September with the ninth day held as a culmination mass hosted at an identified parish for that year.

Simbang Gabi
Simbang Gabi, a Philippine Advent tradition, is a novena of Masses that literally means "night Mass," It is a uniquely Filipino custom dating back nearly 500 years.
Simbang Gabi lasts for nine consecutive days beginning December 16. Traditionally, it is held at dawn.
At St Rose of Lima, the first morning Masses from December 16 through December 24 are designated as Simbang Gabi.
After each Mass, breakfast is served for everyone at the Parish Hall.

Other activities:

Philippine Independence Day
SRL School Halloween Carnival
Camaraderie trips
Monthly meetings