Clippings from the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles

January 21, 1910
Bishop Preaches at St. Joseph’s Church
“… A delegation also waited on him from Rev. H. Eummelin’s parish at National City, seeking for permission to build a church immediately and to this the Bishop gave encouragement. The Bishop also spent some little time in considering the establishment of a parish in the near future on University Heights.”

May 20, 1910
Bishop Conaty’s Appointments
Sunday, May 29 – San Diego, St. Joseph’s Church, 10:00 a.m. Confirmation; National City, 3:00 p.m., Dedication

June 3, 1910
“The beautiful new St. Anthony’s Church was dedicated by Bishop Conaty at National City Sunday afternoon, May 29th, at 3 o’clock… A committee of Catholics from Otay, one of the neighboring missions, requested that what had been done for National City should be done for them, and the Bishop said it remained with them to determine how soon a church would be built there, assuring them that the sooner it was done the greater would be his pleasure. During his visit to San Diego, Bishop Conaty visited the El Cajon valley and Lakeside, as well as Imperial Beach, Otay and Chula Vista, and was much pleased at these different missions. The Bishop feels that the demands of religion in San Diego County are becoming more and more exacting. It is quite evident that some more churches will have to be built in order to meet the demands of these rapidly growing sections.”

August 9, 1912
Our Local Parishes
HUNTINGTON BEACH – Tenth and Orange. Rev. J. Reynolds, rector. Mass on Sunday at 9:15.

October 31, 1913
Our Local Parishes
HUNTINGTON BEACH – Tenth and Orange. Rev. J. Reynolds, rector. Mass on Sunday at 9:15.

(Above reflect weekly entries with no changes from 8/9/12 – 10/31/13)

December 27, 1912
“The fortieth anniversary of Bishop Conaty’s ordination occurred on December 21st…the recognition of the anniversary was made by the priests of the diocese by a public banquet …Seated at the other tables were the following: … John Reynolds, Huntington Beach, …H. Eummelin, National City …”

March 28, 1913
Santa Ana Items
“Rev. Henry Eummelen of National City, officiated at the services on Good Friday.”

Huntington Beach
“St. Mary’s Church was most artistically decorated for Easter…The pastor, Reverend Father Reynolds, gave a soul-stirring sermon on faith, hope and charity…”

April 11, 1913
Santa Ana Items
“The members of St. Joseph’s parish were greatly pleased to learn that Rev. Henry Eummelen was to be the next pastor. Father Eummelen does not come as a stranger, but he is personally acquainted with many of his parishioners … Rev. Henry Eummelen returned to his former parish at National City for a few days this week to settle up his affairs there.”

“From January, 1914, to September, 1917, Rev. John Reynolds faithfully served the little parish at National City.”
(September 16, 1921 re: St. Anthony’s)

June 4, 1915
“Rev. John Reynolds observed the twenty-fifth anniversary of his ordination to the Holy Priesthood Monday by a Solemn High Mass in St. Anthony’s Church, National City. The church was tastefully decorated by the Altar Society with palms, lilies and ferns. The people turned out in large numbers.”

October 1, 1915
Priests in Attendance at the Bishop’s Funeral
National City: Rev. J. Reynolds
(No listing for Chula Vista or Otay)

February 4, 1916
“With the exception of the little church at Otay, which was completely destroyed, no serious damage was done to church property in or near San Diego by the recent floods.”

February 11, 1916
“A Solemn Mass of Requiem was sung Tuesday…St. Joseph’s Church for the repose of the late Rev. Bernard Smyth. The occasion was the anniversary of his death. The celebrant of the Mass was Rev. Maurice Harnett. …In the Sanctuary were Very Rev. Eugene Hefferman, V. F. Rev. John Reynolds, National City, Rev. Guadalupe del Rio O. F. M., San Luis Rey, Rev. M. McCormack, Rev. E. J. Leguyader, Coronado Beach. …”

December 22, 1916
“At St. Anthony’s Church in National City, Rev. John Reynolds, the pastor, will say a Low Mass at 6:50 and 8:00 a.m. and a High Mass at 9:15 a.m…”

April 27, 1917
“A new organ has been purchased by the ladies of the little mission church at Palm City, which takes the place of the mission at Otay which was swept away in the January flood of last year.”

July 6, 1917
“Rev. M. J. Conneally has returned from his vacation and states that he had a very pleasant time. … Fr. Stack was assistant to Father Conneally during the year 1915, hence was conversant with the running of the parish. It was the pastor’s desire that he take charge of the parish during his vacation.”

August 31, 1917
“Rev. James W. Collins, for twelve years pastor of the Sacred Heart Church, Coronado, …celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of his ordination. …The other clergymen in attendance were … Rev. John Reynolds of St. Anthony’s, National City, …”

October 5, 1917
“Rev. John Reynolds has been transferred from St. Anthony’s Church, National City, to Tulare, Rev. Father Smith of the latter place coming to National City.”

October 26, 1917
“Rev. Ernest Leguyader has become pastor of St. Anthony’s Church, National City. Father Leguyader will be remembered as a former assistant at Sacred Heart Church, Coronado, and those familiar with his zeal and ability look for great achievements in his new field of labor.”

“Fr. Reynolds was succeeded by Rev. E. Leguyader, who remained until April, 1918” (September 16, 1921 re: St. Anthony’s)

January 4, 1918
“Rt. Rev. John J. Cantwell, D. D., Bishop of Monterey and Los Angeles, will make his first visit to this section next Sunday morning. He will go immediately to Camp Kearney where he will administer the Sacrament of Confirmation to a number of Catholic soldiers.”

“The new pastor of St. Anthony’s Church, National City, is Rev. E. A. Leguyader, formerly assistant pastor at the Sacred Heart Church, Coronado.”

January 25, 1918
“There is a move on foot in National City to raise funds for the purpose of building a pastoral residence for the new rector of St. Anthony’s Church, Rev. E. A. Leguyader, formerly of Burbank and Coronado. The project is heartily espoused by all the members of the parish and committees have been appointed for the purpose of raising subscriptions for the project. The church has been in existence for several years and the earlier pastors have been obliged to reside in public places without the privacy and comforts which are deemed necessary to enable clergymen to preserve their health and at the same time discharge the sacred duties of their office. The parishioners have at length taken the matter in their own hand and will do their best to succeed. An encouraging sum has already been secured. An entertainment to add to the sum will be given in the K of P hall in National City on February 6.”

February 22, 1918
“Rev. M Conneally, rector of St. Joseph’s, Pamona, is to be rector of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, San Diego”

March 15, 1918
“Father M. J. Conneally, the new pastor of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, East San Diego, has arrived at his new post of duty succeeding Rev. P. F. McLaughlin who has been transferred to Visalia.”

“Father McLaughlin remained as pastor until 1918, when he was succeeded by Rev. M. J. Conneally, who served until 1920.”
(September 16, 1921 re: OLSH)

March 29, 1918
“Rev. Father Dwyer has taken charge of the little mission which was constructed at Palm City a little more than a year ago after the people of that part of the county had recovered from the effects of the preceding flood. The church was completed a few months ago by Rev. E. Lapointe who had been the missionary at Otay at the time of the preceding January flood when the church at that place had been swept off by the flood and, with a number of personal belongings, had been utterly destroyed. To repair the loss, Father Lapointe decided to rebuild the church at Palm City. Funds were secured and the settlers helped in a liberal manner, some of the residents donating the ground on which the structure was built. Fr. Dwyer had previously secured a home in Otay and after visiting Honolulu, returned hither to find that his home had escaped the deluge, the waters coming only to the fence line of his ground. He maintains his home at Otay while serving the Palm City Church every Sunday.”

April 5, 1918
“Rev. M. J. Conneally, the new pastor of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in East San Diego has returned from Los Angeles and announces that he is to assume charge also of the Church of St. Anthony in National City.”

“The next pastor was Rev. M. J. Connally, who served until March 1919, and who was succeeded by Rev. Michael O’Halloran.”
(September 16, 1921 re: St. Anthony’s)

April 11, 1919
“At a meeting of the Diocesan Council held April 9, 1919, the Right Reverend Bishop made the following appointments:
“Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, San Diego, Rev. M. McCormick”

November 28, 1919
“At a meeting of the Diocesan Council held November 26 in the Chancery Office the Right Reverend Bishop made the following appointments:
“National City, Rev. Patrick O’Connor”

“In December, 1919, Rev. P. O’Connor was appointed pastor and remained until November, 1920, when the present pastor Rev. Michael Egan took charge.”
(September 16, 1921 re: St. Anthony’s)

December 3, 1920
“At a meeting of the diocesan Council held Friday, November 26, the Right Reverend Bishop made the following appointments:
… Rev. Michael Egan, pastor of St. Anthony’s Church, National City”

February 4, 1921
“Right Rev. John J. Cantwell, D. D., Bishop of Monterey and Los Angeles, will arrive in San Diego Sunday morning, coming from Los Angeles on the midnight train, and will be met at the station at 6:30 by Rev. P. J. McGrath, rector of the Church of Our Lady of Angels. The Bishop will celebrate the 7 o’clock Mass at Our Lady of Angels Church, and will then go to National City as the guest of Father Egan, where he will be present at the two Masses celebrated in St. Anthony’s Church and will address the congregation on the advisability of moving the church to a more central location in National City.”

February 11, 1921
“The Right Rev. Bishop was present at both Masses in St. Anthony’s Church, National City, on Sunday last, and addressed the congregation. After a conference, the Bishop agreed to establish a church at Chula Vista, in addition to the parish at National City, for which purpose the church building at Palm City will be moved to an appropriate location in Chula Vista. Rev. Father Egan, rector at National City, will also be in charge of the church at Chula Vista, and will reside in Chula Vista.”

April 22, 1921
“Funds have been completed by Rev. Father Egen of St. Anthony’s Church, National City, to move the Palm City Church to Chula Vista, and build a parish house at Chula Vista. Mrs. Frank Wade, president of the Altar Society, was given special praise for her work in helping to raise the necessary amount.”

May 20, 1921
“A most enjoyable card party and social was given on Wednesday evening last, at the home of Miss Theresa Steddler, of Chula Vista, for the benefit of the Altar Society of the new church. This was the first entertainment given by the ladies of the Altar Society and was most successful. The church, which has been removed from Palm City, is being renovated and will be ready for services at an early date.”

August 12, 1921
“A largely attended delightful card party took place last night, August 11, at the home of Mrs. A. L. Meyer at Chula Vista. The affair was given for the benefit of the new Catholic parish at Chula Vista and was a success socially and financially.”

August 26, 1921
“The Right Rev. Bishop will leave Los Angeles Thursday, September 1, to attend the annual meeting of the Hierarchy at Washington, D. C.”

September 16, 1921
“Some months ago the Catholics of Chula Vista, just south of National City, organized a parish which is to be under the care of Father Egan. A church from Palm City has been moved to Chula Vista and remodeled and will be ready for dedication within the next few weeks. A neat bungalow as residence for the pastor has also been erected and comfortably furnished by the parishioners and their friends.”

September 23, 1921
“St. Rose of Lima, the beautiful little chapel at Chula Vista was solemnly blessed on Sunday last by Very Reverend John Brady, Dean of this district, in the presence of about three hundred, including the congregation and a number of their non-Catholic friends, from Chula Vista, and a large delegation of Catholics from San Diego. Rev. Paul Dillon of Our Lady of Angels delivered a very splendid and appropriate sermon for the occasion. The attractive little chapel is finished in stucco with beautiful stained glass windows all of which have been donated. Four magnificent six-foot statues – the Sacred Heart, the Blessed Virgin, St. Joseph and St. Anthony – adorn the sanctuary. These also are donations. The pastor, Rev. Michael Egan, and his flock of twenty-five families are delighted with their new house of worship.
A tastily furnished, neat bungalow in keeping with the style of the church has been provided for the pastor by the congregation and friends.”